To supply all our services at prices every one can afford, giving new businesses and private individuals the chance to utilise today's technology.

  • Backups - It's important to regularly backup those photo albums and customer databases in case of any data loss or corruption. We can install and implement the best backup solution for you.
  • Computer Upgrades - Are you running low on disk space? Your computer is too slow for the game you want to play? We can make an assessment of your computer, laptop or server and find the required components upgrades needed.
  • Data Recovery - Suffered a disk failure? Didn't do that important backup and now you cant access that important data? Don't panic, there is a good chance we can recover the data.
  • Email - Need an email address? We can install and configure your email account.
  • Hardware Installations - Just bought a new printer or computer? Unsure what needs to plug in where? What needs to be installed first? We can do all of that for you and also give you advice on how to get the most from your new hardware.
  • Internet/Broadband Setup - Who and how do I find a good internet service provider? Or you just can't get your computer connected to the internet? We keep a regular check on what are the best broadband deals and can advise or make the connection for you.
  • Laptop and Computer Repairs - Your computer won't switch on? DVD drive won't work? Our engineers should be able to make a quick on site diagnosis of the problem and offer a fix.
  • Network Security - Unsure what your networks security vulnerabilities are, we can give your home or office network a security check.
  • Software Installation - Are you having problems installing your new software or need to find a software package?
  • Support Business Computer - IT infrastructures are the business critical component of many companies today and without the proper care and attention it can cost a company dearly in time and costs. Backing up data, firewall protection and regular hardware maintenance is one of a number of ways we can reduce that risk for you.
  • Support Home Computer - Finding your home computer or laptop running slow can be a real frustration at times making it almost impossible to send that email or view the net. Old hardware, a virus or a poorly configured computer can be one of a number of reasons for this.
  • Virus and Spyware Prevention/Removal - Is your computer running slower than normal, switching off unexpectedly, and annoying error messages? It's more than likely your computer has a virus or malware. We now offer a Spyware & Virus Removal service.
  • Wired and Wireless Network Installs - We design and install network installations for homes and small businesses. Wired or wireless making sure that your network has the capacity for your requirements. Be it a small office or for home entertainment.
  • Devices - Setup Smart TV's, Tablets and Smartphones.